Dr Laleh Janalizadeh


GP, Pain Fellow

Dr Laleh Janalizadeh is a GP who has also specialised in paediatrics and is currently training as a pain medicine specialist. 

Special Interests

Dr Janalizadeh’s special interests include ongoing care of chronic disease, chronic pain management medicine as well as children’s pain management


    • Dr Laleh Janalizadeh achieved her MD at the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 1994.
    • This was followed with a specialisation in paediatrics.
    • She then spent over a decade practicing paediatrics in Iran, with stints in underserved communities.
    • In 2011, she immigrated to Australia with her family and began working as a GP, spending three years in a rural community in Southwestern Australia, before working in various Sydney medical practices. 
    • She is currently training for her second Australian fellowship, as a Pain Medicine specialist.

    Laleh’s pain management philosophy: “There are two types of pain – the pain that hurts you and the pain that changes you.”