The Innovators in Pain

Sydney Pain Management Centre (SPMC) and Sydney Pain Research Centre are Sydney’s trusted leaders in acute and chronic pain conditions, servicing greater Sydney from Campbelltown, Parramatta, the Upper North Shore and through to remote areas such as Goulburn, Bathurst, Orange and the Central Coast.

As Sydney’s longest-serving pain clinic, SPMC has been providing connected, compassionate care since 1981 and continues to provide advanced pain solutions in a supportive and multidisciplinary environment for all pain conditions.

At SPMC we know that living with pain can impact every part of life, from work and sleep, through to intimate relationships and cooking – so our dedicated team of physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists, geriatricians , exercise physiologists and occupational therapists, are committed to getting patients back to work, sleep, and life faster.

Tailored Care

We treat cancer pain, palliative pain, nerve pain, injured worker pain, headache pain, foot and ankle pain, shoulder and knee pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Clinical Trials

Our innovative clinical trials are designed to stop pain at its source and get you back to life, work and living again. We are involved in international and local projects.


We also help hospitals, GPs and aged care facilities set new benchmarks for their compliance and reablement for patients living in chronic pain.

All Age Care

We treat babies, children and teenagers through to adults and the elderly. 
We are also NDIS and SIRA registered providers and treat many injured workers across Sydney.

Pain Innovation

Our treatments include neuro-modulation
(micro wires in the spinal cord to create pain relief), medications, injections, nerve blocks as well as radiofrequency ablations.

 SPMC is also a tertiary  Tier 1 training centre as recognised by the Faculty of Pain Medicine, the world’s first multidisciplinary medical academy devoted to education and training in pain medicine.

 This is the highest ranking for a training facility in Australia, public or private, and as a world-class teaching centre we can offer patients the latest in clinical trials, pharmacotherapy, nerve blocks and other “remote control pain” treatments such as spine neuromodulation.

 We also work with leading orthopaedic, general surgery, general medicine, cardiology, nephrology, gastroenterology,  neurosurgery, spinal and other surgeons at Sydney’s private hospitals  to deliver comprehensive post-surgical pain management when hospital patients need it most. 

 From worker injuries, through to neuropathic pain, cancer pain, palliative care, psychosocial pain, and arthritis pain – we create bespoke rehab programs to provide patients with reduced pain and a better life.  

Today 3.2 million Australians live in pain

Sydney Pain Management Centre (SPMC) delivers advanced pain techniques, physiotherapy, exercise physiology  and group pain therapy in a compassionate, supportive environment.  More than 70% of chronic conditions are treated by GPs with medication, and only 1 in 100 patients are referred for multidisciplinary care, which can reduce opioid use by 50% and emergency admissions by 35% new Pain Australia research shows.


Abdominal Pain

Acute/Chronic Pain

Arthritis (All Joints)

Back Pain

Cancer Pain

Cervical Degenerative Pain (Spine/Neck)

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Endometriosis/Pelvic Pain

Headache and Migraine Pain

Failed Back Surgery Pain

Foot and Ankle Pain

Frozen Shoulder Pain

Hip & Groin Pain

Knee Pain

Neuropathic Pain (e.g., Radiation, Diabetes)

Palliative Pain

Sciatica Pain

Shoulder Pain

Worker Injury Pain

Work Site Analysis


Cancer Pain Management

Reablement/Elderly Reconditioning

Pain Support Groups

Interventional (Radiofrequency, Nerve Block)

Occupational Therapy

Opioid Management, Detox


Pain Diagnosis and Prognosis

Pain Management Physicians

Post-surgical Rehabilitation


Psychosocial (Psychologist)

Ultrasound Guided Pain Intervention











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Suite 206, SAN Clinic Tulloch Building, Sydney Adventist Clinic, 185 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga NSW 2076

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Suite 118, Level 1 , 4 Hyde Parade, Campbelltown NSW 2560

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