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How we can help carers
Common questions that support people have

We’ve tried everything, what makes Sydney Pain Management Centre different?

Often people come to the Sydney Pain Management Centre (SPMC) after many attempts to address their pain, including various medications, treatments and surgeries.

Our treatment is designed by leading practitioners around the individual needs of each patient and covers the medical, physical, psychological and wellbeing issues that come with acute and chronic pain.

We empower and support our patients to set positive, achievable goals for their health and well being and provide the support needed to achieve these goals.

How can I help the person I’m caring for?

When attending the first appointment with the SPMC, please ensure the person you care for brings a list of the current and past medications and treatments, and any results of investigations.

You can support your person throughout their program by encouraging them to continue their program and attend all appointments. Acknowledge and celebrate their improvements as they make changes to manage their pain.

How do I make an appointment?

Please ask your General Practitioner (GP) to use the referral form on our website.