Dr Ho-Ning Wu


General Medicine and Palliative Medicine Physician

Dr Ho-Ning Wu is a dual trained General Medicine Physician and Palliative Medicine Physician. He has undergone further studies in pain medicine and metabolic health. Dr Wu currently practises in both public and private practice as a consultant physician, and has admitting rights at Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Special Interests
– Dr Wu combines his areas of expertise in general medicine and palliative medicine into a holistic model of care for patients with chronic and complex needs.
– He also has a keen interest in the management of chronic pain, especially chronic cancer pain.

– Dr Ho-Ning Wu has completed his medical degree, post-graduate, and fellowship training largely in Sydney. His training has taken him through metropolitan hospitals such as Royal North Shore Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, and Nepean Hospital, as well as regional hospitals such as Coffs Harbour Hospital.
– He is involved in training and education of physician trainees, junior medical officers, and medical students.

Pain Philosophy
To let pain take over one’s life is akin to existing rather than living.

Chronic pain is insidious and can gradually take over all aspects of life: our social, family, and work relationships. I believe in treatment with a team-based approach to allow someone suffering from pain to take control over their own life again.