Dr Melanie Babooram

B.A. (Psych.) (Hons). Doc. Clin Psych/MSc.

Melanie is an experienced, warm and dedicated clinical psychologist who is committed to helping people overcome adversity and live fulfilling and meaningful lives in spite of pain.

Melanie was awarded her Bachelor of Arts, with Honours in Psychology by the University of Sydney. She then went on to complete her combined Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and Masters of Science, also at the University of Sydney. 

Melanie is trained in various types of evidence-based psychological therapies. She confidently uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Schema Therapy in the management of chronic pain. Melanie is also competent in using emotion focused, brain-based, Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) models to help clients understand, adapt, and find vitality in their lives, despite the presence of chronic pain. 

A particular interest that Melanie has is the relationship between trauma, childhood trauma and chronic pain. She has been trained in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) to address both of these in her clients.

Over the course of her studies, Melanie has received experience in pain management by training at Royal North Shore Hospital’s Pain Management and Research Centre, and has been an engaged member of the Sydney Pain Management Centre team since 2012. She has a strong commitment to professional development, and regularly attends workshops and conferences to advance her knowledge in all areas of psychology.

So far in her career, Melanie has worked with a diverse range of children and adults of various ages, cultural backgrounds and clinical presentations, the variety of which she greatly enjoys.  Melanie is a fully registered psychologist with specialist endorsement in Clinical Psychology by the Australian Health Practitioner’s Regulation Agency. She is also a Board –approved supervisor of Clinical Psychology registrars.

Lawrence Roux


Lawrence has been practicing psychology for more than 15 years, working across a variety of services and client groups, including Relationships Australia. Lawrence is also a lecturer at the Jansen Newman Psychotherapy Institute, and a registered supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia.

At the core of Lawrence’s practice is a strong commitment to the individual needs of his clients. He practices a holistic and systemic therapy that considers the impact of the problem presented, with a broad interpersonal context.

These practices include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, (a psychotherapy that helps you to change negative behaviours, thoughts, or feelings) Solution Focused Therapy, (where you are enabling yourself to identify positive future change in your life) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (where you learn acceptance and mindfulness strategies to further bring positive change to behaviours).

Along with chronic pain management, Lawrence also has particular expertise in Child and Adolescent mental health, and is a trained and experienced relationship counsellor, having worked for many years providing specialised marital, couples and family therapy.

All these experiences and therapy results over his many years at SPMC make him a highly valued and regarded member of our team, both by staff and patients.



Ali Asghari has been working in the field of Clinical Psychology for more than 30 years as a clinician, researcher and educator in both Iran and Australia. He graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Tehran-Iran in Clinical Psychology in 1981. He obtained his Ph.D degree from
University of New South Wales in 1996. He is a registered psychologist both in Iran and in Australia.

Ali has 30 years of experience working with Iranian patients experiencing anxiety, depression, and marital conflicts. He has also treated patients suffering from chronic pain, using cognitive- behavioural therapy (a psychotherapy method helping people to change their problematic behaviours,
unhelpful thoughts and beliefs and disturbing emotions and feelings). He also practices Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) (where patients learn acceptance and mindfulness strategies to further bring positive change to behaviours). Ali has authored a number of books with particular
focus on assessment and management of chronic pain.

Along with chronic pain management, Ali has particular interest and expertise in the treatment of patients with a multicultural backgrounds.



Ronda graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree  from the University of NSW, a Graduate Diploma of Physiotherapy from The Cumberland College of Health Sciences, and a Masters of Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) Diploma from the University Of Sydney.

 She has memberships in the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the Australian Pain Society, and is a titled member of the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Group.

 Ronda has more than 20 years experience along with her extensive training in musculoskeletal assessment and treatment, and advanced skills in pain management.

 Ronda’s highly developed clinical expertise allows her pain management treatment programs to be specifically tailored to her clients individual needs at SPMC. Along with her warm nurturing nature, and the positive atmosphere and physiotherapy staff at SPMC, over the years she has received many letters and cards of gratitude from patients for their treatment results.

Aditi Badhe


a Aditi Badhe is a registered Physiotherapist who completed her undergraduate degree at Mumbai University- BPTh (2000) and Master of Physiotherapy MPT (2011) at the University of Melbourne. Having worked in a variety of settings including, rehabilitation in India and the United Kingdom, Aditi brings a multifaceted perspective to treatment. Aditi has a strong history in the industry, working with people with chronic pain and neurology disorders and is a strong professional, with experience in supervising Physiotherapy students along with Clinical Supervision. She is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). 

Dedicated to continuing her education and evolving her skills, Aditi consistently strives to evolve her practice by merging the most current, evidence based literature with a holistic approach. She is passionate about her work and takes pride in connecting with her.


Anton Sayer


Anton is an accredited Exercise Physiologist and completed his degree in Applied Science with majors in Sport and Exercise Science from Western Sydney University.

Anton began working as musculoskeletal rehabilitation physician then as an Exercise Physiologist for Workers Compensation, Medicare and private rehabilitation.  He has had his own business for the past 4 years and has helped treat a wide range of injuries and illnesses. Anton’s aim it to empower his patients by providing effective rehabilitation strategies to improve patient outcomes and to help each of his patients get the best possible performance and function.

Anton understands what it is like living with Musculoskeletal conditions as he grew up with battling some of these disorders. He is a confident, hardworking practitioner and has an immense passion to help people try and achieve a successful goal of returning to good function. Anton thrives in the SPMC environment as he is apart of a team of highly educated health professionals, that all have this same goal as their driver- to reduce patients pain levels and increase function.  

Anton is a member of Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA).

Andrew Leaver


Dr Andrew Leaver is considered an expert level consultant in his field of Physiotherapy with his highly regarded PhD, BApSc(Phty), GradDipApSc (ManipPhty), GradCertEdSt qualifications completed at the University of Sydney. Andrew is a senior lecturer in Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney. He has had a clinical role at SPMC for 15 years before shifting to an academic career path and consultancy position. Andrew is appointed by SIRA (Wcomp) as an Independent Physiotherapy Consultant and SIRA (CTP) as a Medical Assessor and Disputes Resolution Assessor. 

Andrew is a highly regarded published Consultant in Musculoskeletal Research, with more than 50 peer-reviewed publications. Andrew has an honorary appointment as a Research Physiotherapist at Westmead Hospital and Visiting Professor appointment at the University of the Philippines Manila.

Andrew’s motivation is to find new ways of facilitating change in practice, as he believes there is an unacceptable lag in translation of research evidence into practice in the field of musculoskeletal pain. Andrew chose to work at SPMC over a decade ago, as it was a pioneer in multidisciplinary pain management in Australia. Andrew describes the team at SPMC as collegial and experts in their individual disciplines, who work effectively together with patients to address complex pain problems

Andrew is  registered with Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and Australian Pain Society (APS)