Stephanie Rogan

B AppSc (Ex&SpSc)

M Phty

Physiotherapist and Sports Scientist

Stephanie is an experienced physiotherapist and exercise and sports scientist who believes in a holistic and powerfully personalised approach to treat the “whole person”, not just the painful area.

“No pain is too big or too small: pain is not something to be compared between people, it is completely individual to each and every one of us,” she says.

“Pain does not have to become your identity: pain does not define a person, no matter how significant or how long the person has endured pain for.

Special Interests

Stephanie’s special interests include pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, neurological conditions, spinal and radicular pain

Stephanie’s pain motto: “Rest is rarely the answer, it’s structured activity that helps healing the most. And remember all good things take time. Using a structured, goal-setting approach we help you to break down the barriers to give you the confidence to manage your condition and get you back to what you love doing so that you can remain your best self.”