Dr Majid Sharifian


General Practitioner, Pain Fellow

Dr Majid Sharifian as an advocate of the “one problem, many minds” approach and says that pain management needs a holistic approach involving all aspects of a patient’s life – including biology, psychology and social aspects.

He is an advocate of multidisciplinary care, which combines pharmacologic management, pain procedures, physiotherapy and psychology.

He also believes that involving the pain sufferer actively in the management of their pain is an integral part of the treatment protocol.

“Every patient is their own best health advocate. This is important to remember because active involvement reduces the patient’s suffering. The pain might be a fact yes, but most of the time suffering is a choice,” he says.

Special Interests

Dr Sharifian has a special interest in back and shoulder pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and pain procedures.


Dr Sharifian obtained his fellowship from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2011 and is currently a fellow of pain at Sydney Pain Management Centre.

Dr Sharifian’s pain philosophy: “The world is full of pain and also full of overcoming it.”