Sonya is the backbone of SPMC and has been the Practice Manager since 2004. She has a strong background in administration management from years of working for the Australian Government in Medicare and in the private health industry with Medibank Private. She’s the person behind the scenes, but often assists with all aspects of the clinic.

Sonya thrives working with the team of professionals at SPMC and seeing the effects the practice has on people’s lives, is really what drives her daily. She values the culture that she has been apart of creating and believes each team member of the practice plays a vital role in ensuring a and high level of service and positive patient outcome is always achieved.

The team at SPMC are like family to her.




Anne Nanthatthammiko is one of the friendly faces you will see at the front desk at Sydney Pain Management Centre. Anne thoroughly enjoys her role as one of the reception team members and really prides herself on the way she ensures every single patient that enters the clinic, gets the best service and experience possible. She is an asset to the team as the support she provides both clinicians and patients is exceptional. Anne thoroughly enjoys being a part of the dynamic SPMC team embracing the fun, friendly and respectful culture.



Carol joined the SPMC reception team over three years ago and since her first day has played a vital role in the administration team. Carol loves the fact that her positive attitude and friendly personality makes a difference to the lives of the patients who enter the doors of the clinic. She understands that the patients are suffering from various conditions and levels of chronic pain, and to be able to help them, in whatever way she can, is the driving force behind why she really loves her role at SPMC.



Fiona is the newest face to the administration team and takes on the role of Receptionist/Typist. Her positive attitude and can-do approach is a valuable asset to the SPMC administration team. Fiona thrives in the team environment at SPMC, and  likes the way in which each and every person plays a vital role in the organisation. Having hands on patient interactions is a positive driver for Fiona, as she feels that her personality and attitude can make a real difference to the lives of those suffering from chronic pain, and really appreciates being given the opportunity to do just that.



Mary takes on the role of Accounts Officer and completes the administration team. She appreciates the impactful culture at SMPC and how each and every team member is so friendly, communicates well with each other and offers each other support. The way the administration staff interact with the clinicians and vice versa is a testimony to the environment and supports the reason why every single staff member really thrives and loves their role at SPMC. Mary’s role is to help the organisation by ensuring all accounting bookkeeping is kept up to date and accurate.