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We offer a wide range of services to empower people to achieve lasting improvements with their well being and experience of pain.

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Psychosocial Management

Various psychotherapies, including behavioural, and emotional, to help with your mental attitude in dealing with pain.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Treatment of injuries or disorders of the skeletal system, and associated joints or muscles, via physiotherapy and self management techniques, which may also include emotional and behaviourial support.

Injured Worker Rehabilitation

Treatment of injuries and associated pain limitations via the best treatment methods applicable, to improve healing, and restore function, identifying workplace goals that are achievable.

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Treatment of injuries, via the best treatment methods applicable, to restore function and adapt techniques to reduce re-injury.

Post surgical rehabilitation

Treatment for pain, mobility, and healing after surgery.

Sports injuries

Various treatments depending on the type and severity of your injury, to return your mobility and flexibility.

Case Conferences

To assist all involved in your management SPMC holds a case conference or planning session involving you your carer / partner, and GP, when appropriate,to to identify the best goals for your treatment outcomes.

Pain Management Support Groups

Organised by your SPMC  psychologists, meeting people with similar conditions, and building a support network to help deal with your pain condition.

Educational Presentations and Seminars

Part of the SPMC treatment program, where you learn more about your particular pain condition, treatments available, and methods to deal with your pain condition.

Interventional Pain Management

A few patients may benefit from nerve blocks or other interventions to assist in the management of their pain in association with other pain therapies. This will be discussed with you by your Pain Medicine Specialist at SPMC.

Rehabilitation and Physical Reconditioning Services for the Elderly

As we age our joints tend to degenerate and our muscle weaken. This in some can lead to pain and disability leading to reduced activity. Whilst the degeneration cannot be reversed our team can help with the pain and disability to help maintain your independence.

All aspects of Cancer Pain Management

Not only can cancer cause pain but more people are surviving their cancer but may still have ongoing pain. Various specialised treatments including medication, behavioural therapy, physiotherapy, pain management techniques, and mental awareness, all of which are highly beneficial to coping with your pain, and understanding your illness.


Work Services

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Pre and post-operative back care

Only a few people with spinal pain will require surgery. Improving their pain and psychological well being before and in the recovery phase has been shown to improve their outcome.  Multidisciplinary management by the team at SPMC can help achieve this goal. Discuss this with your GP or surgeon.

Work reconditioning

Specific individualised treatments that target your specific medical problem, restoring function consistent with the physical and mental demands of work and thus assisting in your return to work.

Ergonomic Job / Work site analysis and modification

We allow for your individual requirements based on your level of functionality, and make recommendations that will allow you to return to your workplace, with any modifications we believe will help you continue to remain pain and injury free.

Vocational counselling and job seeking skills

We help you with counselling and planning relating to what may be reduced duties at your current job, or changing jobs, should your injury or condition require it. We understand this can be a stressful time, so our dedicated staff will do their absolute best for you, with an understanding manner.


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